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Singapore explores importing energy from India

The city-state has floated a request for proposal to import up to 4GW of clean energy, electricity regulator EMA said

Singapore explores importing energy from India
[Source photo: Chetan Jha/Press Insider]

Singapore is exploring importing electricity from neighbors, including India, electricity regulator Energy Market Authority (EMA) said on Monday.

The city-state has floated a request for proposal (RFP) to import up to 4 gigawatts (GW) of clean energy, the EMA said.

“We welcome proposals from regional countries, including India. Due to commercial sensitivities, we are unable to share further details at this stage,”  a spokesperson for the electricity regulator said in response to a query from Press Insider.

Proposals can be sent till 29 December, following which the EMA will select and appoint the companies to import energy.

The Economic Times reported last month that both countries are looking at fast-tracking plans to link their power grids through an undersea cable via the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

A team of experts, including those from the Power Grid Corporation of India, is likely to visit Singapore later this year for detailed talks, The Straits Times reported, citing an Indian government official.

The ‘landed cost’ of clean power exported from India to Singapore via undersea cables that could extend about 3,000 km could be cheaper than Singapore’s own gas-based power, The Economic Times reported, citing an unidentified official.

Data showed that India had a total renewable power capacity of more than 179GW till the end of July. The country already exports electricity to Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

India had jointly launched the International Solar Alliance (ISA) with Britain in November 2021 with the aim of linking regional solar grids and transferring renewable power across borders.

So far, 94 countries, including Singapore, have ratified the ISA’s framework agreement.

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