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5 most innovative gadgets unveiled at 2024 Mobile World Congress

From Samsung Galaxy Ring to Lenovo’s transparent laptop, MWC 2024 has displayed several innovative products

5 most innovative gadgets unveiled at 2024 Mobile World Congress
[Source photo: © 2024 GSMA / MWC]

The Fira de Barcelona Gran Via Convention Center in Barcelona is playing host to the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC), the global annual event where the latest communication technologies are displayed. 

Being held from 26-29 February, the announcements so far have showcased a diverse range of innovations. From the wearable technological revolution of smartwatches and smart rings to keep track of your health, to transparent screens that transport you into a world of science fiction, here are the major updates from the Mobile World Congress: 

1- The all-new Samsung Galaxy Ring:

South Korean tech giant Samsung announced its latest offeringthe Galaxy Ringduring the MWC. It is the brand’s latest wearable offering, after the Galaxy Watch 6, and incorporates features like heart rate and sleep tracking as well as body temperature. The device is supposed to work in tandem with Samsung’s Health platform, and promises to redefine the future of personal health monitoring. 

According to Dr Hon Pak, head of digital health at Samsung, the company wants to empower people to manage their health in their own personal way, while their devices and services guide them through the complicated tasks.

“By collecting data through advanced sensor technology, you’ll receive a deeper, more holistic understanding of your health with improved insights and integrated third-party health data,” Pak said in a statement. 

“While every user’s wellness journey is unique, we believe they all start in the same way—by gaining a deeper understanding of their health through more comprehensive insights, spanning the longest time possible,” he added.

2- Avenir Telecom and the 28,000 mAh battery

Avenir Telecom, having previously launched a phone with an 18,000 mAh battery, is back again to shock consumers and tech lovers by upping the ante. Hard Case P28K, Avenir Telecom’s latest phone, will come with a 28,000 mAh battery, which according to the company can last a whole week with regular usage. 

The device offers a rugged build, offers a talk time of up to five days, and a standby time that can extend up to 92 days but this impressive battery comes at the cost of significant weight (570 grams) and thickness (27.8mm). 

While the phone’s availability is limited to select markets starting this October, the price tag of €249.99 ($271) might make it a compelling option for those seeking unmatched battery life. 

3- Lenovo turns transparent with new laptop

Moving closer to the sci-fi fantasy world, Lenovo unveiled the world’s first transparent display laptop, the ThinkBook Transparent display. This futuristic concept device will feature a massive 17.3-inch bezel-less display that is 55% transparent, offering a glimpse into the other side of the screen. 

The laptop features a 720p microLED display, as opposed to an AMOLED display (like most laptops) with a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits, and comes with a futuristic-looking keyboard that will be projected onto the surface and is touch-sensitive, complete with stylus support.

4- OnePlus unveils watch and new OS

OnePlus unveiled its second-generation smartwatch, boasting a new operating system and a dual chip architecture—with the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 and the BES 2700 MCU—that will bring with it a 100-hour battery life. 

The OnePlus Watch 2 also features a large, classic round display with an AMOLED screen and Bluetooth capability to enable users to listen to and control their music on the go. With a military-grade exterior and an IP68 rating that ensures dust and water resistance, the watch is suitable for all environments.

5- Oppo’s AI-powered glasses

Oppo entered the MWC 2024 with a bang, with the introduction of their Air Glass 3 prototype—a pair of smart glasses that come with AI capabilities. 

While looking like ordinary glasses, the device can connect to Oppo smartphones and provide the user access to the company’s AndesGPT Large Language Model. Users can then interact with the glasses through tap controls on the side that allow them to play music, display information, and make and receive calls. 

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