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The World Bank indicates that India will be among the fastest-growing economies this year. India last year surpassed the United Kingdom to become the world’s fifth-largest economy by gross domestic product, based on IMF data.

As India navigates the path toward economic prosperity, it requires a platform to share inspiring and critical stories that capture the essence of the country’s progress while showcasing its remarkable journey.

Press Insider, an Indian media brand with a global outlook, seeks to fulfill this need by offering a unique blend of news, insights, and features.

The country has made rapid strides across sectors, from automobiles and IT to pharmaceuticals and tourism, after the Covid-era slump, though challenges persist. All this while its startup ecosystem is going full throttle, driven by innovation, visionary and ambitious entrepreneurship, and progressive policies, despite the occasional hiccups.

Press Insider is the only digital media brand presenting business news from India’s vantage point. Offering comprehensive coverage of the most significant stories through engaging storytelling, Press Insider serves as an indispensable guide for Indian business leaders with global aspirations and international entities eager to explore business opportunities in India.

In addition to in-depth coverage of business, policy, and technology, Press Insider presents diverse perspectives on Indian art and culture.

We cater to an intelligent, upwardly mobile, and influential audience. Our readership spans C-Suite executives, government officials, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and economic leaders across the world.

Press Insider is a part of Vibe Media Group which publishes renowned global media brands like Fast Company Middle East edition and MIT Sloan Management Review India & Middle East editions, shaping opinions of global business leaders, policymakers, and decision-makers.