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Indian designer Gaurav Gupta finds a spot on NYT’s list of most stylish ‘people’

The list reflects 'the ways' that the NYT's styles desk defines its coverage: 'high and low; fun and serious'

Indian designer Gaurav Gupta finds a spot on NYT’s list of most stylish ‘people’
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Indian fashion designer Gaurav Gupta secured a spot as the sole Indian personality featured in the New York Times’ list of the Most Stylish ‘People’ of 2023.

Couturier to Hollywood A-listers, Gupta’s head-turning red carpet creations have solidified his status as a premier haute couture designer, standing prominently among the industry’s finest.

The NYT list also mentions “people” like the hilarious AI-generated image of the Pope which went viral, a figurehead from Jeff Bezos’ boat, and the ‘ludicrously capacious’ bag featured on the HBO drama Succession that set off an online debate about the unspoken and understated ‘quiet luxury’ lifestyle. 

According to NYT, the list reflects “the ways that the Styles desk defines its coverage: high and low; fun and serious; curious and open-minded; reveling in characters; appreciating the material world; inviting everyone to the party.”

From Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone to Mary J. Blige and Cardi B, his creations have graced the covers of international magazines, adorned red carpets, and illuminated music videos.

Gupta took to Instagram to thank NYT for the feature.

“In good company! Thank you @nytimes for including me in the most stylish list…with so many people I admire from – Michelle Yeoh , Doja Cat, King Charles III , Maggie Smith, Pedro Pascal, Rihanna, Pamela Anderson, Miuccia Prada , The Beckhams and even the AI Pope!” said Gupta on Instagram. 


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In his latest venture, the collaboration with American singer Beyoncé for her ‘Renaissance’ tour sparked a cascade of cross-cultural fusions, seamlessly blending the artistic visions of the designer and the pop icon.

Gupta’s designs for Beyoncé’s tour showcased a fusion of architectural elements, sculpted folds, and exaggerated forms, creating an ethereal elegance that harmonized seamlessly with the overarching theme of the tour and put the designer in the international spotlight. 

The green saree, created by the maestro for his Fall/Winter 2023-2024 collection shown at the Paris Couture Week, was worn on stage by ‘Queen Bey’ herself back in August during the opening of her show. 

Beyond being a preferred couturier for Beyoncé, he has also graced some of the entertainment industry’s most prominent figures with his distinctive silhouettes. 

Gupta’s designs are lauded for their daring and cutting-edge aesthetics, challenging the norms of traditional fashion.

Employing unconventional materials such as metallics, sequins, and unique textiles, he infuses his pieces with a captivating blend of drama and opulence, ensuring they captivate attention on the global stage.

His creations often showcase intricate drapery, sculptural silhouettes, and meticulous handwork, reflecting a profound admiration for Indian textiles and craftsmanship. 

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