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What to watch this week: A Texan-tale and the greatest night in pop music

Here’s a rundown of this week’s new releases

What to watch this week: A Texan-tale and the greatest night in pop music
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The weekend is here and our weekend binge list is ready for your perusal. Be it a reimagined version of an old tale with Prime’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a documentary about the greatest nights in pop music or the fast-paced drama of the world of NASCAR, this week has something for everyone. 

So, what are you waiting for? Ready, set, binge!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

This brand new action-packed crime comedy-drama series is led by the visionary duo of Francesca Sloane and Donald Glover. The series stars Glover himself alongside the talented Maya Erskine, taking on the lead roles of John and Jane Smith.

At first glance, John and Jane appear like ordinary strangers, each harboring a secret yearn for adventure and luxurious living. Fate, however, has other plans, leading them to a mysterious spy agency that promises to make their dreams a reality. But there’s a catch: they must operate undercover as the perfect married couple, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, on dangerous missions around the globe. 

Starring: Donald Glover, Maya Erskine, Paul Dano

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

The Greatest Night in Pop

This documentary unpacks the untold story behind We Are the World, the iconic song that brought together music’s biggest stars in 1985.

The Greatest Night in Pop takes us back to January 25th, 1985, when 46 music legends including Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, and Stevie Wonder joined forces to record the song in response to the African famine crisis. This wasn’t just a recording session; it was a historical moment of unity and collaboration. 

Witness the behind-the-scenes action, the creative sparks, and even the challenges this diverse group of artists faced as they came together to create a timeless masterpiece.

Starring: Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones

Where to watch: Netflix

NASCAR: Full Speed

This docu-series throws you right into the heart of the intense 2023 NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs and Championship Race. The show gets behind the wheel to capture all the white-knuckled drama as drivers like Ross Chastain, Ryan Blaney, Denny Hamlin, Bubba Wallace, and more push their machines and themselves to the absolute limit.

Get exclusive access to the on-track battles and off-track strategies as these fierce competitors fight tooth and nail for the ultimate prize: the NASCAR Cup championship. Witness the raw emotions, grueling pit stops, and split-second decisions that make or break a race. You’ll feel the roar of the engines and the tension in the air as these champions push their limits, both physical and mental.

Starring: Ryan Michael Blaney, Kyle Larson, Ross Chastain

Where to watch: Netflix

One Ranger

Helmed by writer/director and former stuntman Jesse V. Johnson, this film is an action-packed punch.

One Ranger throws a Texas-sized twist on the classic chase film. It’s not just about chasing down a bank robber across the scorching desert; this outlaw has his sights set on a global attack, planning to detonate a bomb in the heart of London.

Our hero, a steely-eyed Texas Ranger (played by Thomas Jane), finds himself embroiled in international intrigue when his pursuit takes a shocking turn. Now facing a dead partner and a ticking clock, he reluctantly joins forces with a sharp British intelligence agent (Dominique Tipper) to hunt down the terrorist.

Starring: Thomas Jane, Dean Jagger, Dominique Tipper

Where to watch: Lionsgate Play


Pixar’s newest heartwarming offering, Self, is a six-minute short, the first from the studio to feature stop-motion animation. 

It delves into the story of a wooden doll yearning for belonging. But instead of the classic ‘Pinocchio’ wish for becoming human, this doll longs to simply fit in with her peers. This innocent desire takes an unexpected turn when a wish upon a star sparks a journey of self-discovery, leading her down a path that challenges everything she thought she knew about herself and her place in the world.

Where to watch: Disney Plus Hotstar

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