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What to watch this week: From British royalty to mob bosses

Here is this week’s rundown of the latest releases

What to watch this week: From British royalty to mob bosses
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From a how-to guide to become a mob boss narrated by Peter Dinklage to a fictional account of Princess Diana’s final days, this week’s got something for everyone. 

Here is this week’s rundown of the latest releases:

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The Crown Season 6 (English)

A deep dive into the affairs of the state and the British royal family, The Crown has been mired in controversies and conversations since its first season. 

With its sixth season now afoot, the show revolves around the death of Princess Diana, and traces her relationship with the Egyptian billionaire Dodi Fayed. The show paints a picturesque portrait of Diana’s last days and her relationship with her sons, Harry and William. 

With stellar production design, intriguing soap opera-esque storytelling and a brilliant cast, this season of The Crown should be on everyone’s list. 

Starring: Imelda Staunton, Jonathan Pryce, Lesley Manville, Dominic West, Olivia Williams

Where to watch: Netflix

[Photo source: Netflix]

The Railway Men (Hindi)

This historical drama set during the 1984 Bhopal disaster revolves around the unsung heroes, the railway workers who saved many lives during the tragedy that shook India more than four decades ago.

The series marks the debut of director Shiv Rawail and is produced by YRF Entertainment, the streaming division of Yash Raj Films. 

The series focuses on the human stories told through the performances of a well put together ensemble cast featuring some of Indian cinema’s finest. The show tackles heavy themes and justifies the undertaking by delivering constantly. 

Starring: R Madhavan, Kay Kay Menon, Divyendu Sharma, Babil Khan

Where to watch: Netflix

[Photo souce: Netflix]

In Love and Deep Water (Japanese)

Helmed by Yusuke Taki and scripted by Yuji Sakamoto, In Love and Deep Water (Kureiji Kuruzu) invites its characters and viewers to navigate the vast expanse of international waters, delving into the enigmatic currents of romance and mystery. 

The film is set on an enormous luxury cruise ship, the MSC Bellissima, which for a period of time will house the elite and affluent onboard. What follows is a murder mystery where the party is crashed by an unexpected guest with their own plotline, it makes for an intriguing watch and grasps the attention of the audience. 

Starring: Rinko Kikuchi, Yuuki Luna, Ryô Yoshizawa

Where to watch: Netflix

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Chithha (Tamil)

Helmed by SU Arun Kumar and produced by Siddharth, who also stars in the film, this is a touching tale of a young government employee who is raising his niece like his own daughter. 

After the passing of his brother, Eshwaran takes up the role of a father in his niece’s life and helps his sister-in-law around the house. When the safety of those women is threatened, Eshwaran leaves no stone unturned. 

Combined with great direction and a compelling narrative, the performance of the lead actor is just the icing on the cake. 

Starring: Siddharth, Aafiyah, Naattu Raja Durai, Anjali Nair

Where to watch: Disney+ Hotstar

[Photo source: Netflix]

How to Become a Mob Boss (English)

This satirical take on the recent crop of “How To” documentaries explores the stories of history’s most notorious mob bosses in depth. 

Narrated by Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, this short documentary series takes the shape of an entertaining guide, sharing the stories of underworld kingpins like Pablo Escobar and Al Capone, to name a few. 

The show guides the viewer through a manual, to either become a mob boss or someone successful, depending on the choice the viewer makes. The conversations take shape in the form of interviews with people connected with the mafia bosses in some way or the other and makes for an interesting self-help concept.

Starring: Peter Dinklage

Where to watch: Netflix

[Photo source: Netflix]

Feedback (Polish)

This thriller mini series follows a man who has lost his family to his demons and alcoholism. The story sets off on a night where his son disappears suddenly and even though the man is aware that he witnessed the disappearance of his son, he cannot recall any details on account of being blackout drunk. Trying to piece together the night in his mind, the man now needs to dig deep into the recesses of his mind to bring his son back. 

The show takes a deep look at the life of an alcoholic and explores the interpersonal relationships that substance abuse ruins for everyone involved. 

Starring: Arkadiusz Jakubik, Jakub Sierenberg, Dominika Bednarczyk

Where to watch: Netflix


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