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What to watch this week: From ninjas to the world of high fashion

Here is this week’s rundown of the latest releases

What to watch this week: From ninjas to the world of high fashion
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From swoon-worthy rom-coms and suspenseful thrillers to a deep dive into the 1940s Parisian couture, these new releases have something for everyone.

Immerse yourself in the world of ninjas with House of Ninjas, get ready to uncover some dark mysteries with the third and final season of the acclaimed show Good Morning, Verônica, and laugh out loud at Lia’s journey as she embarks on a prophesied journey in Five Bling Dates

Here’s a rundown of this week’s new releases:

Five Blind Dates (English)

This charming rom-com is set against the vibrant backdrop of Australia. Faced with a failing tea shop inherited from her grandmother, Lia, a young Chinese-Australian woman, seeks a double dose of luck: saving her business and finding love. 

A whimsical prophecy throws her into a whirlwind of five blind dates, each offering a different potential path for both her personal life and the fate of the struggling tea shop. 

As Lia embarks on her hilarious and heartwarming journey, she grapples with questions of cultural identity, family expectations, and the true meaning of happiness. 

Starring: Shuang Hu, Yoson An, Jon Prasida

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Good Morning, Verônica – Season 3 (Portuguese)

The stakes are higher than ever in the final season of Good Morning, Verônica, as tenacious police clerk Verônica Torres plunges into a chilling conspiracy. 

This time, her hunt for a predator on a dating site leads her to a shocking secret hidden within an ordinary couple. Unraveling this twisted truth propels Verônica on a dark and dangerous journey, forcing her to confront the sinister forces she’s been chasing since the very beginning. 

This season is filled with suspenseful twists and explosive revelations, as Verônica faces her ultimate test of courage and justice.

Starring: Tainá Müller, Adriano Garib, César Mello, DJ Amorim

Where to watch: Netflix

Love Storiyaan (Hindi/English)

Helmed by Karan Johar’s Dharmatic Entertainment, Love Storiyaan is a docudrama series that dives into the real-life journeys of six couples battling unique challenges for their love.

Every episode unfolds a captivating tale of resilience, sacrifice, and ultimately, triumph. Witness couples conquer obstacles rooted in culture, faith, gender, and even war, proving that love’s power knows no bounds. Get ready to laugh, cry, and be inspired by these true stories that celebrate love in all its complicated glory.

Starring: Aekta Kapoor, Ullekh NP, Nicholas Jonathan Kharnami, Rajani Karki Chhetri, Farida Saha, Sunit Kumar Saha

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

House of Ninjas (Japanese)

Hidden in the shadows of modern Japan, the Tawara family, the last surviving ninja clan, harbors a secret. A past incident has forced them to abandon their ancient ways, but now, a forgotten threat to the nation has reawakened their dormant legacy. 

House of Ninjas is a thrilling Japanese drama that takes place in modern Japan, but draws inspiration from historical ninja traditions and mythology. The show also explores themes of family, duty, and overcoming adversity against the backdrop of a forgotten history.

Starring: Kento Kaku, Yôsuke Eguchi, Tae Kimura

Where to watch: Netflix

The New Look (English)

Set within the chaos of post-war Paris, The New Look unveils the revolutionary moment Christian Dior reignited the world with his groundbreaking fashion as a leading French couturier. Witness the electrifying clashes and alliances between the fashion icons: the visionary Dior, the eccentric Coco Chanel, the elegant Pierre Balmain, and the innovative Cristóbal Balenciaga in an ultimate showdown of the fashion bigwigs.

This captivating 10-episode series shows Paris as it reclaims its spirit after a devastating war and a defining era in fashion unfolds, fueled by both rivalry and collaboration. 

Starring: Ben Mendelsohn, Juliette Binoche, Maisie Williams, John Malkovich, Claes Bang, Zabou Breitman

Where to watch: Apple TV+

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