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91% Indians worried about global warming, survey shows

A study conducted by Yale University finds strong support for the Indian government's plan to cut carbon emissions by 2070

91% Indians worried about global warming, survey shows
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Around 91% Indians are worried about global warming and a majority of them favored policies promoting renewable energy, a study found. 

The report titled Climate Change in the Indian Mind 2023 showed that 84% people, in a show of support for reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to renewable energy, favored banning the construction of new coal power plants, shutting down the existing ones, and replacing the power infrastructure with solar and wind energy, even after being told that coal burning generates 75% of the electricity in India. 

Two-thirds of the people surveyed additionally said that India should leave most of their coal in the ground. 

A majority of the respondents also favored policies promoting renewable energy, environmental education, and sustainable practices.

The study, conducted by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and CVoter, surveyed 2,178 adults in 2023 about environmental hazards of climate change, global warming, support for policies addressing climate change, and individual and collective action. 

The survey also found strong support for the government’s plan to cut carbon emissions by 2070 as a transition to renewable energy (wind and solar) as beneficial for air pollution and reducing global warming. 

However, concerns existed about potential drawbacks like increased unemployment, electricity outages, and higher prices.

More than half of the survey respondents also shared that they knew very little or nothing at all about global warming while 10% claimed to know “a lot” and after being provided with the basic definition and its impacts on weather patterns, 78% of the respondents concurred that they think global warming is indeed happening. 

The survey showed widespread concern and engagement with climate change among Indians, with a majority of people worrying about various environmental hazards like heat waves, droughts, and pollution while more than 80% were worried about global warming’s impact on themselves, India, and future generations.

Many were also willing to take action like joining response teams or urging officials to explain their emergency response plans. In terms of awareness, many people shared that they followed environmental news and discussed it with loved ones, but still felt that the media coverage on global warming was limited. 

A large majority was also willing to make lifestyle changes, influence others, and pay more for eco-friendly options.

The survey also highlighted vulnerabilities like water scarcity, power cuts, and limited financial resources as it suggested that social support networks for the people seemed limited. 


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