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Modi urges unity to confront intensifying global challenges

Challenges from the past century are intensifying even as we move toward modernity, Modi, who was guest of honor at the World Governments Summit in Dubai, said 

Modi urges unity to confront intensifying global challenges
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Governments across the world must collaborate and learn from each other to confront future challenges, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said. 

“Together, we have to promote the values ​​of a cohesive, cooperative, and collaborative world. We have to share our resources and our capabilities with countries that need them,” the prime minister said in his address at the World Governments Summit in Dubai. 

Modi participated in the World Governments Summit in Dubai as the guest of honor at the invitation of UAE prime minister and Dubai ruler, Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. 

The summit, held on the theme of “Shaping the Future Governments,” saw the participation of 20 world leaders, including 10 presidents and 10 prime ministers. 

Listing the modern challenges before the world, Prime Minister Modi said, “On one hand the world is moving toward modernity, on the other hand, the challenges from the earlier century are also intensifying.”

“Technology is proving to be a key disruptor in every way, whether negative or positive. Every day, terrorism is bringing a new challenge to humanity in a new form. Climate-related challenges are also becoming bigger with time. On one hand, there are domestic concerns, on the other hand, the international system seems in disarray,” he further said. 

Modi stressed the world also has to listen to the concerns of the developing world and ensure the participation of the Global South in global decision-making. 

“We have to listen to the voice of the Global South, bring forward their priorities,” he said. 

Relaying concerns about new technologies such as artificial intelligence, Modi said the world community has to create global protocols for the challenges arising from AI, cryptocurrency, and cybercrime.

He also called for respect toward International Law while prioritizing our national sovereignty.

Highlighting his mantra of ‘minimum government, maximum governance,’ Modi said governments should interfere as little as possible in the lives of people. 

“I believe that people should neither feel the absence of a government, but at the same time, nor should there be pressure from the government,” the prime minister said in his special keynote address at the summit on Wednesday.

“I believe that the government should interfere as little as possible in the lives of people,” he added. 

Talking about his government’s achievements, Modi said, “Social and financial inclusion has been the priority of our government. We brought  50 crore people who did not have bank accounts into the banking system.” 

“We launched a big awareness campaign. It is the result of those efforts that today we have come this far in fintech and digital payments,” he added.

He also underlined India’s focus on people’s participation, last-mile delivery, and women-led development to achieve an inclusive society.

He highlighted that it was the need of the hour for governance to be inclusive, tech-smart, clean and transparent, and green. He further emphasized that governments must prioritize ease of living, ease of justice, ease of mobility, ease of innovation, and ease of doing business in their approach to public service.

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