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Must ensure Israel-Hamas conflict doesn’t spill over: PM at G20

At virtual summit of G20 leaders, Modi calls on countries to work together on global regulation of artificial intelligence 

Must ensure Israel-Hamas conflict doesn’t spill over: PM at G20
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday called for timely and continuous delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza as he welcomed the news of the deal to release Israeli hostages. 

“We welcome the news of the release of hostages today, and hope for the swift release of all hostages. Ensuring the timely and continuous delivery of humanitarian aid is imperative,” Prime Minister Modi said in his opening remarks at a virtual summit of G20 leaders. 

Modi said it was crucial to ensure that the conflict between Israel and Hamas does not take on any kind of regional form. 

“We believe that terrorism is unacceptable to all of us. The death of civilians, wherever they may be, is condemnable,” he added. 

In his closing remarks later in the day, the prime minister said there was a consensus among leaders on a series of subjects regarding the Middle East situation. 

“We all strongly condemn terrorism and violence. The death of innocent people, especially children and women, is not acceptable. Humanitarian aid should be delivered as quickly, effectively, and safely as possible. The agreement on humanitarian pause and the release of hostages is welcome. A permanent solution to the Israel and Palestine issue through a two-state solution is needed. Restoration of regional peace and stability is essential. Diplomacy and dialogue are the only way to resolve geopolitical tensions,” he said as the last major event under India’s G20 presidency concluded. 

Earlier in his opening remarks, the prime minister conveyed India’s belief that all countries should work together on global regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). 

“In the era of AI, there is a need to use technology in a responsible manner. There is growing concern about the negative use of AI all over the world. India firmly believes that we should work together on global regulation of AI,” he said. 

“We have to move forward, understanding the seriousness of how dangerous DeepFake is, for society, for the individual. We desire that AI should reach the people, and it must be safe for society,” he added. 

India will host the Global AI Partnership Summit in Delhi from 12-14 December. 

Listing achievements of India’s G20 presidency, Modi hailed African Union’s inclusion in the grouping.

“I can never forget that moment when all of us in Delhi unanimously welcomed the African Union to the G20. The message of inclusivity that G-20 has given to the whole world is unprecedented. It is a matter of pride for India that Africa has got a voice during its presidency,” he said. 

In one year of India’s presidency, Modi said, the whole world has also heard the echo of the Global South.

“In the Voice of Global South Summit last week, about 130 countries have wholeheartedly appreciated the decisions taken at the New Delhi G-20 Summit,” he said. 

India took over as the G20 president on 1 December 2022 and hosted the leadership summit in New Delhi from 9-10 September. 


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