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PM Modi arrives in Dubai to attend COP28

Modi will have seven bilateral meetings, deliver four speeches, and be part of two special initiatives on climate events during his stay in Dubai

PM Modi arrives in Dubai to attend COP28
[Source photo: Chetan Jha/Press Insider]

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Thursday for the World Climate Action Summit at the United Nations ‘Conference of the Parties’ on climate, COP28.

The prime minister will have seven bilateral meetings, deliver four speeches, and be part of two special initiatives on climate events during his two-day stay in Dubai, the ministry of external affairs said. 

“COP28 will also provide an opportunity to review progress made under the Paris Agreement, and chart a path for future course on climate action. At the Voice of Global South Summit convened by India, the Global South spoke for the need for climate action based on the principles of equity, climate justice, and common but differentiated responsibilities, as well as a greater focus on adaptation,” Modi said before his departure. 

“It is important that efforts of the developing world be supported with adequate climate financing and technology transfer. They must have access to equitable carbon and development space to achieve sustainable development,” he added. 

“India has walked the talk when it comes to climate action. Our achievements in different sectors like renewable energy, energy efficiency, afforestation, energy conservation, Mission LiFE are testament to the commitment of our people towards mother Earth,” the prime minister further said. 

COP28 is taking place in Dubai from 30 November to 12 December under the presidency of the UAE. It is Modi’s sixth visit to the UAE since becoming prime minister in 2014.

Laying out his agenda for COP28, Modi told the UAE-based Al Etihad in an interview that he has always maintained that climate change is a collective challenge that demands a unified global response.

“It is essential to recognize that developing countries have not contributed to the creation of the problem. Yet developing countries are willing to be a part of the solution,” the prime minister told the publication. 

“But they cannot contribute without access to the financing and technology needed… I have, therefore, advocated strongly for global cooperation for ensuring requisite climate financing and technology transfer,” he said. 

On the opening day of the summit, the loss and damage fund was announced with a total commitment of $475 million. The European Union committed around $245.39 million, including $100 million pledged by Germany, while the host, the UAE, pledged an additional $100 million, Reuters reported. Other commitments have come from the United Kingdom ($51 million), the United States ($17.5 million), and Japan ($10 million). 

The fund has been a long-standing demand of developing nations facing the devastation caused by extreme weather events such as drought, floods, and rising seas.

COP28 President Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber said the breakthrough has sent a “positive signal of momentum to the world and to our work here in Dubai.”

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