Cab-hailing firm Ola’s chief executive Bhavish Aggarwal said the company will this week shift its entire workload from Microsoft Corp.’s Azure to Krutrim, the cloud launched by Ola in January this year.

The move comes after Aggarwal slammed Microsoft-owned LinkedIn over the removal of his post on “pronoun illness,” calling out the platform for its woke culture. LinkedIn had removed Aggarwal’s post that called out LinkedIn’s AI for “imposing a political ideology on Indian users.”

The Ola CEO shared a screenshot of the AI-generated response that used “they/their” pronouns to describe him.

In a recent post on ‘X,’ Aggarwal said he has decided to move Ola’s entire workload out of Azure to the Krutrim cloud.  “It is a challenge, as all developers know, but my team is so charged about doing this,” he said.

Aggarwal called on other developers to move out of Azure, saying his company “will offer a full year of free cloud usage to software developer firms after they give an undertaking that they will not go back to Azure after the completion of one year.” 

“Regarding gender inclusivity, we (Indians) don’t need lectures from western companies on how to be inclusive. Our culture didn’t need pronouns to be inclusive for thousands of years,” he said.

Calling it a woke political ideology of entitlement, Aggarwal shared in his post on X that in his Linkedin post, which was deleted later, “the pronouns issue I wrote about is a woke political ideology of entitlement which doesn’t belong in India. I wouldn’t have waded into this debate but clearly Linkedin has presumed Indians need to have pronouns in our life, and that we can’t criticize it. They will bully us into agreeing with them or cancel us out. And if they can do this to me, I’m sure the average user stands no chance.”

“My company is too small to make an impact against big tech companies (like Microsoft),” he said, adding: “I want to confront this forced ideology as a free-thinking Indian and do what I can in my capacity. So here are the actions I’m taking. Putting my money where my mouth.”

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