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Google to make Pixel smartphones in India from next year

Google plans to partner international and domestic manufacturers to manufacture its Pixel range of smartphones in India

Google to make Pixel smartphones in India from next year
[Source photo: Chetan Jha/Press Insider]

Google has announced plans to start making its Pixel smartphones in India from next year.

During the ninth annual Google for India event in New Delhi this week, the tech company announced plans to begin production of the Pixel 8.

“We intend to start with the Pixel 8, and will partner international and domestic manufacturers to produce Pixel smartphones locally. We expect them to start to roll out in 2024, joining India’s momentous “Make in India” initiative,” Sanjay Gupta, country head and vice-president, Google India, said.

Sundar Pichai, chief executive officer of Google parent Alphabet, posted the company’s plans on X (formerly Twitter).

“We shared plans at #GoogleforIndia to manufacture Pixel smartphones locally and expect the first devices to roll out in 2024. We’re committed to being a trusted partner in India’s digital growth- appreciate the support for Make In India,” Pichai said.

The tech giant also plans to make its search function more interactive and visually engaging, likely integrating artificial intelligence to generate localized and contextually relevant results.

Google will also begin to display synthesized summaries or overviews of significant government initiatives relating to sectors like employment, housing, healthcare, farming, and women’s welfare. This will make it easier for users to understand these programs quickly, it said.

“We also introduced a more visual + local generative AI experience on Search to help surface AI-powered overviews on essential government programs, new Search features for small businesses, easier access to formal credit via Google Pay,” Pichai said on X.

Google also plans to introduce features that will make it easier for small businesses to appear in search results, likely through a more visually compelling and easily searchable product feed.

Through the use of generative AI, small businesses will be able to create detailed and visually appealing product catalogs, thereby offering a more engaging shopping experience for consumers, it added.

Google said it is also ramping up its financial services offerings by integrating pre-approved credit lines from banks into Google Pay. This move, built on user consent and privacy safeguards, aims to extend formal credit access to underserved populations and small businesses, enhancing flexibility and convenience in meeting working capital needs, it said.

In a bid to make technology more accessible, Google Cloud is collaborating with Indian organizations to launch services such as the multilingual super-app “a,” developed with Axis My India. The app aims to increase awareness of and access to government welfare programs, amenities, and employment opportunities. Google Cloud will also help farmers sell produce online and streamline overseas payments through real-time UPI systems.

Focusing on cybersecurity, Google said it is initiating the DigiKavach program to enhance the safety of the Indian internet landscape. The initiative collaborates with industry experts to study online financial scams and develop countermeasures, aiming to create a more secure and trusted digital ecosystem for users.

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